ISV – 5 Day Series: Day 2

Enriching the Your Site

The main purpose of today is to explore Web 2.0 tools and resources that enrich your main online platform – for most of us this is our WordPress blogs.  There are a lot of great things to explore and get familiar with and immersing ourselves in this is the first purpose of the day.  The second is to brainstorm how you might use the construct of a “ClassPortal” to engage students in ongoing personal learning and knowledge-building.  Let’s get started!

Review Look to Learn

Before getting started on new things, let’s review the Look to Learn activity format and see if anyone had a chance to use it with students or colleagues.  Here are the Help Links again:

Adding Rich Feeds with NetVibes

Podcasting & Audio

Web 2.0 Tools Review

Social Bookmarking & Personal Research with Diigo


Participants Sites


Real, Rich and Relevant Group

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