Day 5 – Showcase & CEQ•ALL


As the final day in the 5-Day Series, we 1) showcase participants’ work and 2) focus on supporting student self-managed learning.

Activity 1: Case Studies of Participants’ Work

Please use the comments link on this post to submit a URL if the one listed below is not your main site.

Real, Rich and Relevant Group

Use the Beta EtherPad to offer comments and encouragement.

Activity 2: Self-managed Learning Framework for students

C E QA LL / Seek all!

Work period reviewing / integrating student-managed learning into projects

Activity 3: Work Period & Discussion

Last chance for input and sharing as a group

  • Techniques like Diigo, Netvibes, podcasts, WordPress
  • Consider school strategic directions (WordPress installation?)

Activity 4: Reflection & Feedback

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