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Day 3 – ClassPortals

Introduction Tom’s Intro ClassPortals… Focus on one compelling topic (with all its interesting connections to others) Embody a passionate interest of the teacher and students Continue in the background of class activities drawing attention when something in the real world … Continue reading

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ISV – 5 Day Series: Day 2

Enriching the Your Site Download the handout packet Download the Web 2 Tools Overview handout View the Calendar for session dates The main purpose of today is to explore Web 2.0 tools and resources that enrich your main online platform – … Continue reading

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Day 1 – ISV 5 Day Series

Welcome! Here begins a great opportunity for us: 5 days spread across the year to develop deep and sophisticated ICT and pedagogy insights and skills.  In other words, fun! Here’s a set of handouts that mirrors the links below and … Continue reading

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Edge-ucators Team Meeting #1

Welcome! Good the see you all again – in person! Here’s a handout / agenda Review / Q & A Online survey Action Research It has been said, “Teachers often leave a mark on their students, but they seldom leave … Continue reading

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5 Day Workshop Series

Welcome to the first day of this year’s 5 day workshop series on integrating Web 2 tools into authentic learning experiences for students. Module 1 above will get you started.

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Project Parameters

Project – topic / title Content area(s) Year Groups Main Technologies Possible Collaborations

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Edge-ucators: 2 Polls – Meeting time & platform

meeting time Could you please indicate your preferred date and time: web conferencing platform Could you please indicate which Web Conferencing Platform.  Note: if we meet at 5:00PM and you are at school, will your network support Web conferencing?

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2010 Workshops so far….

“Cutting Edge-ucators: By Invitation Only” What have we learned so far about Learning in the 21st Century? Over the past three years very talented and innovative teachers have participated in workshops at the AISV.  They have gone on to use … Continue reading

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Early Years Day 3

Welcome Everyone! Look to Learn – Review and Feedback Look to Learn Strategy Example: JabberRumpus Did you use with students? Response? Comments link used by students, parents, grandparents, cross-age mentors? We Add a comment about use – surf to activities … Continue reading

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Early Years Day 2

Welcome Early Years Educators! Review Conceptual Questions: What makes web 2.0 good for learning? What makes Web 2.0 difficult for “schools?” Add to Stixyboard? What does Rene say? Strategies Look to Learn How can we use Web 2? – a … Continue reading

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