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Use Diigo Highlighting and comments until “the penny drops” and you “get” what this tool / site is for.  Work together, alone, in-person or virtually to help your learning.

(Download, try Personas?)

Firefox is the second most used Web browser.  In comparison to Internet Explorer it affords benefits in security, consistency in correctly presenting content and “add-ons”. Consider downloading this and exploring add-ons like the Easy YouTube Downloader.

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First there were favourites, then there was  Now there is Diigo (pronouncd “deego”).  More than book-marking, Diigo allows for Groups, Discussions, highlighting and comments.  A teacher control panel allows for loading classes so students can contribute to shared bookmarks.

(How to Make a Pageflakes RSS Feed Page)

Absolutely the best site for gathering together all your interests through RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds.  Bring together current news, posts from specialty blogs as well as podcasts and YouTube favourites – all on a series of pages you can link to as PageCasts. Use this Heaps!

(Firefox Easy YouTube Downloader Add-on)

Everyone knows about YouTube, but it becomes even more useful when you use in conjunction with a WordPress blog or other platform that enables embedding.  Use Firefox and install the “Easy YouTube Downloader” add-on.  Consider using a YouTube profile to save favourites for your courses.

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A conference of the worlds’ brightest minds and innovators open only to invited guests but available in full length and high definition from the TED web site, YouTube channel and iTunes.  TED is the source of some of the more influential presentations on every subject you can imagine.

(Download, iTunes U sample from PLC & Scotch Colleges WA)

Far more than music, iTunes provides easy access to audio and video podcasts from sources as varied as the ABC, National Public Radio in the US, all news programs, radio stations and every major university.  Search, download and subscribe to then have the files are on your hard drive.

(How to Get a Blog and How to make a Post/Page)

Matt Mullenweg and his growing team continue to go from strength to strength producing the best free online Blog software. is the flagship online version, but also consider installing your own through a Web host that provides Cpanel and Fantastico.

(Our AISV Ning, Classroom 2.0)

Ning enables anyone to create their own social network that  can be set to public or private where members must be invited.  Because of US law, students must be over 13 years old. The main benefits of Ning are that it provides an online digital workspace for every student within an environment that teachers can oversee.

(Sample class site try PBWorks?)

A stalwart among wikis, Wikispaces has continued to improve and serve the education sector.  Best used as a true wiki where learners go to add their expertise to a growing knowledgebase.  Consider making your class’s wiki a worthy contribution to a learning community.

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