Charting Web 2.0

What’s the difference?

Use the table below to compare how things used to be done on the World Wide Web and the newer Web 2.0 version.

Web 1.0   Web 2.0
Photo Gallery » Flickr or Tag Galaxy
WebMuseum » The Thinker Imagebase (with zoomify) or Jackson
HyperHistory » Dipity or Timelines
Britannica Online » Wikipedia
personal webpages » BloggingTwitter & Facebook
Bloglines RSS Feeds (web 1.5) » Pageflakes (ICT or IWB)
Graphic Organizers » Exploratree
Yahoo » tagging (Google News) orTagCloud
MapQuest » Google Maps (Streetview)

Critical Attributes of Web 2?

Use  Stixy to share 3 – 5 characteristics that  make Web 2 different from Web 1.

Defining Terms

If some of the jargon is confusing, try this handy interactive graphic to access a Wikipedia definition of some terms you may have heard, but don’t understand.

Web 2.0 Glossary

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