Module 4 – WebQuests

Beginning: Understanding WebQuests

WebQuest exemplars:

Check for Understanding

Prompt: What is a WebQuest and how would you use one?  Make sure to include a description of what students do to transform information into new meaning / build knowledge / achieve synthesis.  Send this in an email to .

If extra background is needed, try reading What WebQuests Are (Really).

Experience Teaching with the Web

Either point to your online space and its activities or take the Self-assessment: Digital Learning Skills List Checklist (doc)

If reviewing your online space, check for:Review the online space in terms of:

  1. Scaffolding / support
  2. Student contribution / interaction
  3. Rich resources
  4. Inquiry / Intrinsic motivation

Check for Understanding

Re-assess: Look to Learn? ClassPortal? or create a BestWebQuest or WebQuest 2.0 process (pdf)?

Drafting a WebQuest

Brainstorming Ideas

Gather Links

Check for Understanding: Consider “Roles” from the WebQuest Design Process, then use the WebQuest Pre-Write to see how you’re going.

Your Webspace or WordPress

WebQuests 2.0


WebQuests .9 & 1.0

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