One of the greatest professional contributions we can make is to share our work.  As we journey on this path from Industrial Age models to those aligned with a digital era, we all benefit from hearing each others’ stories of where we have been, where we hoped to go and how it went along the way. This module asks you to share one activity from the year as a case study of authentic learning in a Web 2.0 World.

1) Identification of your Case Study

Review the projects you have used or created this past year.  Choose one that you’re comfortable sharing with others. You might want to preview the Final Reflection headings to stimulate your thinking.

2) Prepare Case Study for Sharing

You may have much or little work to do for this task.  If your project is already on a publicly accessible Web site (WordPress, Wikispaces, Edublogs, Look to Learn, etc.), you are already mostly finished.  If your project is on a private site (intranet, Moodle, Ning, LMS, etc.), you will need to repost it to a public space.  Usually this requires little more than copying and pasting the content from your private Web page to a public one (such as this Web site or to a free WordPress or Wikispaces account).  Please discuss this with the facilitator so that the easiest solution can be found depending on your circumstances.

Take this as an opportunity to polish and revise any aspects of your project that you’d like to before sharing it.

Share Case Study Links

Once you have prepared / polished your selected case study, make sure you share the link.  Probably the easiest way to do this is in the Comment section of this page.  You can also email the link or bookmark and share the link with our Diigo AISV group.  Just be sure to get the information to the facilitators so they know where to find the link.

Professional Reflection

Copy and paste the Headings from the Final Reflection Template into a supporting page for your case study.  Remember the pages need to be on public Webspace so we can view them.  Title the page “Professional Reflection” so we know what to look for.

Where to from Here?

As we celebrate great learning from this year, consider what you would like to do next year to continue your learning.  Two specific offerings are available from AISV. One is a shorter 3 day series that lets you continue work you have done this year, thus providing more time and support to master the skills you are currently developing.  The second is a more focused elite group that will essentially “ramp up” this show case approach – the outcome of which will appear as a conference presentation and / or journal article.  Much of this session will take place online with only two face-to-face meetings to facilitate knowledge building. Please contact Tom March if you are interested in either of these two sessions.  Also, consider having colleagues from your school take part in next year’s version of the workshop series you’re just completing.  Many schools have found it useful to grow the local knowledge in this way.

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