Welcome Early Years Teachers

Welcome to AISV and Day 1 of Integrating Web 2 Tools

Our activities can be found on the Early Years tab above or the link on the right sidebar.

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“Geek like and Encryption”

  1. Go to the Web 2.0 Glossary. Web 2 Alphabet, Web 2 Jargon Buster,
  2. Make up at least a sentence of “GeekSpeak”.
  3. Be sure to lay the jargon on thick, but see that you make (relative) sense.

Then enter your Geek Speak as a comment below.

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Web 1 vs Web 2 Table

What’s the difference?

Web 1.0 Web 2.0
Coppermine Photo Gallery » Flickr or Tag Galaxy
WebMuseum » The Thinker Imagebase (with zoomify) or Jackson Pollock.org
HyperHistory » Dipity Timeline
Britannica Online » Wikipedia
personal webpages » Twitter
Bloglines RSS Feeds (web 1.5) » Pageflakes
Graphic Organizers » Exploratree
Yahoo » tagging (Google News) or TagCloud
MapQuest » Google Maps
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Showcase Sharing Method

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Module 4 Scenario – WebQuests 2.0

Learning Scenario

Suppose students eagerly adopt opinions, argue positions and debate solutions to challenging problems. Now imagine that they have even built up a body of evidence from which to launch their case?  So what’s the problem?  What happens when students might be willing, even eager, just not able? WebQuests began in 1995 as one of the first good ways to use the Web for learning.  Even as technologies have changed solid pedagogies endure.


Set up a scaffolded learning activity (AKA “WebQuest”) that uses an authentic scenario, open-ended questions, a range of perspectives and rich resources to help students transform information into understanding. You can do this with a Web page template or an “unfolded” process using Web 2 tools.

But before we get to this, let’s check the Agenda

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Module 3 Scenario – ClassPortals


Imagine that your students develop a sense of mastery and
enthusiasm for Learning to Look but want more.  Participating in
and even facilitating the activities themselves works, but too often
the pressures of an ongoing curriculum curtail pursuing further
inquiry.  What if you had a facility to support ongoing, sporadic
investigations on main interests and themes that have emerged
through Learning to Look activities?


By using a Weblog as a platform, you could empower students as authors to post, comment on and track how topics might evolve over time.  Hey, this sounds like this could develop some good Habits (of Mind)…

But before we get to this, let’s check the Agenda

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Which Web 2 Tool?

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Module 2 Agenda

Welcome back!

(you can download this Module 2 Outline)

Share what you’ve been up to

Core Activity Format #1: Look to Learn

Reflect on and plan your professional learning

Contribute criteria defining “Contemporary Teaching Skills”

Review Core Activity Formats

Let’s get started!

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Is the Future Yesterday?

1994 – How right were they?


2025? (Maybe a little sooner?)


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