ClassPortals 2 Day Workshop


Please begin by using the comments link on this post to introduce yourself.

After adding your comment, you might like to download handout packet for this 2 Day Workshop or Tom’s Web 2 Tools Overview handout.

Activity 1: Examples from previous Studies of Asia Workshops

To get a sense of what we will be creating over the next two days, please explore the work created by participants in previous sessions.  Try to notice the features, strategies and benefits gained from such a learning platform.

Brainstorm what you noticed using a shared Stixy board

Activity 2: Creating Your Smart Online Space

Fine-tuning your Blog

Activity 3: The ClassPortal Twist

Tom’s Intro


  • Focus on one compelling topic (with all its interesting connections to others)
  • Embody a passionate interest of the teacher and students
  • Continue in the background of class activities drawing attention when something in the real world provokes it
  • Act as a platform for things like writing, podcasts, videos, photos, cartoons, data collection, etc.
  • Make a contribution to the world’s learning



For Ideas

For Inspiration

Activity 4: Developing your ClassPortal

Look to Learn : : Learn to Look

Online Samples

Task: Create 2 – 4 Look to Learn Activities for your students

Activity 5:  Enrich your site with content and media

RSS Feeds

Other Media

Managing Links

Activity 6: CEQ•ALL – Student-managed Learning


Important – please complete this form (made with jotform)


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