AGQTP / ISV Day 5 Celebration

Welcome to our Showcase Day

Over the year I have really enjoyed working with the participants in ISV’s AGQTP project on Leveraging Web 2.0 Tools for Authentic Learning.


  1. Gather Sites
  2. Reflection
  3. Showcase Presentations
  4. Next Steps in Professional Learning
  5. Feedback
  6. ClassBubbles?
  7. AGQTP Review

1. Collect your Sites

Send me an email ( including a link and brief description so that we can create a Hotlist of your fantastic sites.

2. Reflection on Your “Learning Journey”

While I gather and post the Hotlist to your sites, please take this time to reflect on your learning related to this series. At the beginning of Day 1, I asked you to post your goals for the workshop. Let’s take this opportunity to reflect on these and where this year’s journey has taken you.  You might also like to review our original Stixy brainstorm after viewing previous participants’ sites.  You could include any of these or other aspects to focus on:

  • the workshop experience,
  • Web 2.0 and pedagogies,
  • insights gained from all of us ISV support people,
  • working with colleagues here or back at school
  • the challenges and opportunities of implementing change

Write your reflection in your favourite writing software, then Post it as a Comment here.

3. Showcase


First we will take a little time to prepare our sites / presentations.  Depending on what you’ve got, you may need or want to prepare a little overview / teacher’s guide.  This could be an “About” page on your blog or a quick presentation or video. Based on your feedback, we will set group expectations.


Each school team will share their work including a discussion and feedback.

Brendan Vanderkley and Marion Nott

  • A link to the “public page” of my Year 10 Psych class on Edmodo (contains posts and responses within the private feed that have individually been marked public), showing some of the things we’ve done over the semester.
  • Edmodo – a secure social learning site/platform that incorporates many Web 2.0 teaching tools in one place.
  • A blog Marion and I have used throughout the year for sharing what we learn at your workshops with a Web 2.0 team back at school (and the wider school community)
  • PowerStudy – a fledgling class portal I’ve only just begun to work with with my classes – and which will develop over this term – on the theme of “the use and abuse of power”.
  • A stixy I used in my psych class to introduce a new unit/topic
  • “Free Technology for Teachers”: a teacher info / PD resource for teachers that covers lots of great Web 2.0 tools

Phillip Lodge

Janene Williames

Allister Rouse and Jackson Bates

Tim Hartwich and Gary Harding – Victory Lutheran College

Luke Skehan and Catherine Bellair

Lisa Field and Janet

4. Next Steps for your Professional Learning

A big part of today is gathering things together.  Besides reflecting on your learning and “packaging” your project as we’ve done, we also want to plan for the next steps in your professional learning, by reviewing what you still want to learn and do related to authentic learning with advanced ICTs.


Grab a Badge

You can now officially “badge” your sites so that others know you are indeed a “Cutting Edge-ucator.”  Copy the text below and paste it into your sidebar Text widget or anywhere on a page or post.

<a href="">
<img src="" /></a>

5. Feedback

Please complete this feedback form so that I can improve for next year.

6. ClassBubbles?

If we have time, I’d like to share a new leaning activity tool called  ClassBubbles.  An example is online here for Next Era Ed  (use key “nexteraed”) and log-in with your own details.

7. AGQTP Review

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