ISV 2 Day Workshop

Day 1

Day 2


Use the poll to below to choose an approximate descriptor of your ICT Use.


Proper Start: Welcome!

Let’s begin by sharing how you currently use ICTs to support student learning.

  1. Use the Comments link on this post to share your practices. Also let us know where and what you teach and anything you think we might be interested in.
  2. Use the “Reply” link next to a colleague’s comment to support, ask for details, share common interests, etc.


What did we just do and what did we need to do it?

  1. A platform
  2. A strategy
  3. A few “cool Web 2 tools”

This is the core of what we will be exploring and developing over the next two days.

Exploring the Preferred Platform

Explore the links below of previous Workshop participants who made sites using

Brainstorm what you think stands out about these sites using Stixy. Review platforms: (and its variants), Edmodo, Moodle, Canvas, etc.

Developing your Platform

If you already have a preferred platform, please have a think about whether to use it or  If you’re game to use WordPress, start with the links below:

WordPress? – Creating your Online Platform

The Edge-ucators’ Way

  • Tom’s Presentation

Strategy #1 – Look to Learn


Background and Resources

Day 1 Wrap-up

Day 2

Work Period

Review & Consolidation

Review & Rationale: Why and how are “Look to Learns” and ICTs good for student learning?  Add as much as you can in our collaborative writing space.

Developing your Cutting Edge-ucation

You now have all the strategies and skills needed to get on with leading your school into the Next Era of Education where we focus on helping individual student achieve their human potential, unfettered by the constraints of Industrial Age schooling.  Use this time to develop your activities, plans and online space to help your school progress.

  • Platform
  • Strategies
  • Tools

Pedagogy Review

With a focus on pedagogy and powerful frameworks I find most powerful for 1:1 personal learning are Self-Determination TheoryCultures of ThinkingHabits of MindFlow TheoryGrit and Authentic Happiness.  These and others have morphed into the model I’ve created below:

C E QA LL / Seek all!

Self-managed Learning Framework for students

Web 2.0 Tools


Class Blogs





Current Examples

Older Examples

Tom’s WebQuest Resources


It would be great if you could complete this Jotform to provide some feedback.

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