A Day at Daramalan

Hello Daramalan,

How nice to be back after an absence of many years.  I know we’ll have a great day together.  You can access the Agenda if you like.

Session 1 – Vision Clarification

Activity #1 – Pre-assessments

Polling your Viewpoint

Brainstorming Your Challenges

Now let’s give all staff members a voice:  brainstorm the greatest challenges you face in your job of educating students using EtherPad (this version is PrimaryPad – which we can discuss later). Instructions: click on your assigned link below and enter in words or phrases that describe your greatest challenges.  This is an anonymous activity so please be honest.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3

PrimaryPad‘s combined using Wordle.net

Differentiated Activity:

Look to Learn Immersion

  • Go to this Look to Learn Immersion page and explore some of the links.
  • You only have 30 minutes so you won’t be able to view them all.
  • Be prepared to answer at least questions 1-4, if not #5.
  • If might be helpful to use this Today’sMeet backchannel to share your thinking and what you find that might suit certain courses, subjects or pastoral issues.
  • You can go anywhere on the campus and work with whomever you like on this task.
  • See you back in 30 minutes.
  • If the other group needs more time, here’s an extension challenge for you: “Successful Learners” as Transfer Goals that will take you to morning tea.

Once you’re back with the whole group, please complete this short poll.

Tom’s Interactive Discussion

Colleagues who answered “Not true,” “This isn’t clear to me,” “I see things differently” or are challenged by what Tom refers to as “logistics” will meet for a de-brief.

Session 2 – The Nature of Understanding

Activity #4 – “Understanding” Your Real Job

The Melbourne Declaration’s “Successful Learners” as a Google Doc

The Australian Curriculum

Understanding by Design

Session 3 – The Edge-ucators Way

How do you currently integrate ICTs? – Add your Ideas to this Padlet

Look to Learn





Current Examples

Older Examples

Tom’s WebQuest Resources

Session 4 – Dara’s Path Forward

Dara’s “Wikicademy” Padlet

Possible Follow-up Activities



Resources List

Workshop Feedback

Your feedback means a lot to me so I can get better.  Please complete this short form. Thanks!

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