Understanding at Launceston Grammar


Please download this Word Document for the session

Interactive Presentation on Goals and Understanding

Feedback Opportunities

  • Padlet – click to create an anonymous “Sticky Note”
  • Primary Pad – Add text under headings anonymously
  • Email – use the contact form to send an anonymous message
  • Hand-written note – drop it off when you leave the auditorium
  • In-person – share your thoughts after the session

Feedback Points

Part 1 – the Goal

  • “Continuously Optimising Student Learning”
  • “Successful Learners” from the Melbourne Declaration
  • Curriculum as the medium for achievement

Part 2 – “Understanding”

  • Understanding and Transfer build on Knowledge and Skills
  • The Rationale for Backward Design
  • Frameworks that might be better than Understanding by Design?
  • The Purpose of Transfer Goals (and Cornerstone Tasks)

Open Response

Online Chart Tool


Drafting Transfer Goals

The Australian Curriculum




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