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Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 5.16.21 pmThis short post provides links related to the presentation I’m doing Tuesday, 7 April at Sacred Heart College in Adelaide, South Australia.  We hope this is the beginning of an ongoing partnership to develop rich curriculum units using Edumate’s Curriculum Mapping.


Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.17.59 amLet’s begin by getting some input and sharing some common ground.

Use this Google Doc to brainstorm the challenges you face doing your job as educators circa 2015.



Learning Reflection

Use this Google Doc to brainstorm words that capture feelings you experienced when “really learning.”

Five Steps to Next Era Ed

  1. Vision – is it articulated and shared?
  2. Evidence – exactly what does achievement of the Vision look like?
  3. Pedagogies – do you have research-based models to get you there?
  4. Curriculum 2.0 – are your units designed to leverage the models & ICTs?
  5. Process – have you closed the loop for continuous improvement?

Visionary Documents

Your Collaborative Doc for developing whole-school goal descriptors.

 11:30 – 1:00PM – Senior School Session

Subject-specific goals

Add you Your Collaborative Doc for developing Subject-specific goals.

Default Curriculum Initiatives in Hobsons Edumate

Download the spreadsheet: Curriculum_Initiatives_tmarch_vers3

Work in self-selected teams to complete the following in 30 minutes.  You can organise your team and how it completes the task any way you want.

  • Review the 23 “Initiatives”
  • Identify any that align / support either school-wide or subject specific goals/vision/descriptors
  • Share out the top 3-5 with a short rationale of why you chose it.
  • Post this at the bottom of the Sacred Heart Goals Google Doc


 Back Channel for Ideas

todaysmeet Open Todays Meet to share what you’re thinking.


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