Next Era Ed Checklist and Resources


The following links support a workshop where educators reflect on their school’s journey toward the next era of education.

Here is a Word doc to be used in this workshop.  Next Era Ed Checklist: Designing Your Version (or a PDF version if you want to mark it up)

“The Only Game”

Tweak mass production schooling to liberate personally meaningful learning.

Go to this Padlet to contribute what your school’s doing.


Debrief according to the model



Does your school have a vision of student success that is aspirational and includes articulated descriptors?


Using backward design, does your school have a continuum of rich performance tasks that validate the vision and prompt interdisciplinary demonstrations of students’ understandings that require their transfer to new contexts?

Learning Theories

Given the student performances your vision describes, what learning theories – and their research findings – are most likely to generate the desired evidence of your achievement as a school?

Here are few favourites:

Curriculum 2.0

Are your teaching and learning practices founded on the Learning Theories and lead to student demonstrated evidence of the vision? Also, in an age of rich digital resources and personalised devices, are ICTs used to engage students in personally meaningful accomplishments?


Do you have systemic reviews embedded that “close the loop” for continuous improvement?

(Smart Digital Environments)

What technology platforms or software does your school use to support teaching, learning, curriculum development, student learning profiles, etc.?

  • I started working for Edumate in 2015. I’m happy to discuss how it supports all aspects of Next Era Ed or use this contact form if you’d like someone to get in touch and visit your school.
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