ISV Series – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2!

Welcome back.  I hope you’ve had a nice autumn holidays and beginning to Term 2. Also that you’ve had a chance to trial Look to Learn activities with your students and colleagues.  Today we’ll begin with a review what we learned Day 1, how you’ve gone using these resources and approaches and to share your experiences.

The day will be focused into three main parts:

  • Review, sharing and focus
  • Setting up a WordPress blog
  • Beginning to explore other Web 2 tools & environments

Review Day 1 + Use with Students / Staff

Tom’s Most Reblogged Tumblr Sources
Look to Learn Approach
Problem-Solving Local Issues
Reflection and Consolidation

Review your Tumblr site and personal notes to reflect what you want to take away from this refresher on what we have learned.  What do you want to continue using, pursuing and trialling?

Online Spaces

WordPress Blog

Participants’ Developing Blogs

3Rs Series:

Other Possible Online Environments (for Day 3 mostly)

 Web 2.0 Tools

Feedback – links!

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27 Responses to ISV Series – Day 2

  1. More the thinking stage for setting up on-line galleries where the kids have a real audience( outside their loving parents). Have been exploring tumblr a bit more too, getting my head around the possibilities for visual arts.

  2. Raelene Delvin says:

    This is my tumblr that I set up for teachers to view and/or respond to educational issues as well as example of how they can use it with students.

  3. Vanessa Rule says:

    * haven’t been able to use tumbler for my classes yet

    *did use youtube clips of sound waves for my trig topic with year 11s


  4. Phil Goltz says:

    I have been working with Edmodo with my students and they have really taken to it. I am still in the initial stages and have not fully utilised all that it has to offer.

  5. sukhbir says:

    since last Pd I have tried to use stixy, wordle, set up blogs, used tumbler, voki etc. but really want to learn web 2 tools to introduce into lesson plans.

  6. Megan says:

    Here is a blog I had for my year 8 SOSE class last year.

    And here is my Maths YouTube channel:

  7. Deb Burger says:

    Have been using Weebly a lot and today my students will be checking out Etherpad again. Students have been introduced to Stixy.

  8. tmarch says:

    Notes at the end of the session:
    I’ve invited participants into Edistorm via email so we will try that again.
    Overarching task is for people to use their WordPress sites to get familiar with the technology so we can use it for ClassPortals / netvibes / space for student participation.

  9. Renee Hall says:

    Hi Web 2.0 Team-
    Have had some difficulties accessing Tumblr at my school. The website was blocked til this term. So was using the thinking prompts with pictures / books with my kids.
    Still yet to use tumblr.

  10. Sandra England says:

    I have been supporting our Head of Primary as she works with teachers she is leading in ICT professional learning to embed ICT across the learning areas, and doing a little experimenting with the tools myself, particularly tumblr and wordle.

  11. Susan Mackay says:

    Hello everybody,
    I am looking forward to a great day today, I have it on good authority that the session is fantastic.

    I am using a blog with my grade six students. They are studying feral animals, first writing what they know already, then posing questions for each other. The answers from students have just begun to be posted.

    Eventually they will collaboratively design an imaginary feral animal or a trap for cane toads.

  12. Mike says:

    I have a Year 6 class mostly using iPads – a new program. Still waiting on these to be properly configured (imminent)… then it will happen…

  13. Susan Mackay says:

    Here is the blog URL for my classes work.

    They have only just begun posting this week.

  14. Amy Thompson says:

    I have been using thinking tools and look to learn in my classroom.
    I have been using a blog in my Year 3/4 classroom.
    Still learning my way around tumblr, but I have used things I find there in my look to learn activities.
    Our blog is

  15. Ian Daw says:

    All of my work is in a program called myPLS by Editure. I am afraid it is passworded. I have been experimenting with wiki, blog, and web quests related to specific lessons. One useful powerpoint developed out of some searching for graphics to teach cell organelles.

  16. Madhuri Noah says:

    I have tried to play with some pictures which I linked with our theme for this term- ‘Food’

  17. Olivia Clarke says:

    Have enjoyed visiting the schools I am supporting for this project and understanding the exciting and challenging things they are doing and considering.
    Also have been experimenting a little with Tumblr

  18. Daryl Davey says:

    This is a WordPress blog for the sharing of writing for our Middle Years students – Years 5 – 8.

  19. Lisa Duggan says:

    Hi All,
    I’ve got my yr 6 kids to create a wordpress account so they can publish a range of work online and develop an online portfolio over the course of the year. A work in progress but I’m excited about the opportunities and so are the kids…

  20. Daryl Davey says:

    Here’s the link to the writing blog. It’s a work in progress, but it’s exciting to see the students so keen to share and give feedback about their learning.

  21. Ian Daw says:

    This is an attempt to build a resource for Senior Mathematics Students

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