Next Era Ed Checklist and Resources


The following links support a workshop where educators reflect on their school’s journey toward the next era of education.

Here is a Word doc to be used in this workshop.  Next Era Ed Checklist: Designing Your Version (or a PDF version if you want to mark it up)

“The Only Game”

Tweak mass production schooling to liberate personally meaningful learning.

Go to this Padlet to contribute what your school’s doing.


Debrief according to the model



Does your school have a vision of student success that is aspirational and includes articulated descriptors?


Using backward design, does your school have a continuum of rich performance tasks that validate the vision and prompt interdisciplinary demonstrations of students’ understandings that require their transfer to new contexts?

Learning Theories

Given the student performances your vision describes, what learning theories – and their research findings – are most likely to generate the desired evidence of your achievement as a school?

Here are few favourites:

Curriculum 2.0

Are your teaching and learning practices founded on the Learning Theories and lead to student demonstrated evidence of the vision? Also, in an age of rich digital resources and personalised devices, are ICTs used to engage students in personally meaningful accomplishments?


Do you have systemic reviews embedded that “close the loop” for continuous improvement?

(Smart Digital Environments)

What technology platforms or software does your school use to support teaching, learning, curriculum development, student learning profiles, etc.?

  • I started working for Edumate in 2015. I’m happy to discuss how it supports all aspects of Next Era Ed or use this contact form if you’d like someone to get in touch and visit your school.
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Meeting Springboards

Links to support Meetings and Workshops

Brainstorming and Polling Ideas


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Stannies In Bathurst


It’s a pleasure to make a first visit to St Stanislaus’ College in order to learn about the college’s goals and how developing curriculum can support achieving what matters most to the school leaders.

Getting to Know You

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.17.59 amI find it helpful to begin by finding out about the challenges school leaders face.  Please use this Google Doc to brainstorm the challenges you face doing your job as educators circa 2015.


Subject-specific goals

Add to Your Collaborative Doc for developing Subject-specific goals.

(Apply the Copy/Paste litmus test?)


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Sacred Heart College

Welcome & thanks!

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 5.16.21 pmThis short post provides links related to the presentation I’m doing Tuesday, 7 April at Sacred Heart College in Adelaide, South Australia.  We hope this is the beginning of an ongoing partnership to develop rich curriculum units using Edumate’s Curriculum Mapping.


Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.17.59 amLet’s begin by getting some input and sharing some common ground.

Use this Google Doc to brainstorm the challenges you face doing your job as educators circa 2015.



Learning Reflection

Use this Google Doc to brainstorm words that capture feelings you experienced when “really learning.”

Five Steps to Next Era Ed

  1. Vision – is it articulated and shared?
  2. Evidence – exactly what does achievement of the Vision look like?
  3. Pedagogies – do you have research-based models to get you there?
  4. Curriculum 2.0 – are your units designed to leverage the models & ICTs?
  5. Process – have you closed the loop for continuous improvement?

Visionary Documents

Your Collaborative Doc for developing whole-school goal descriptors.

 11:30 – 1:00PM – Senior School Session

Subject-specific goals

Add you Your Collaborative Doc for developing Subject-specific goals.

Default Curriculum Initiatives in Hobsons Edumate

Download the spreadsheet: Curriculum_Initiatives_tmarch_vers3

Work in self-selected teams to complete the following in 30 minutes.  You can organise your team and how it completes the task any way you want.

  • Review the 23 “Initiatives”
  • Identify any that align / support either school-wide or subject specific goals/vision/descriptors
  • Share out the top 3-5 with a short rationale of why you chose it.
  • Post this at the bottom of the Sacred Heart Goals Google Doc


 Back Channel for Ideas

todaysmeet Open Todays Meet to share what you’re thinking.


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Our Lady of Sion


This short post provides links related to the presentation I’m doing Wednesday, 18 March at Our Lady of Sion College in Box Hill, Victoria.

Polling on “Your Job”

Use the voting panel below to register your view.



Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.17.59 amUse this Google Doc to anonymously brainstorm the challenges you face doing your job. (

 Back Channel for Ideas

todaysmeet Open Todays Meet to share what you’re thinking.

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Beamed in from Phnom Penh

max-headroomA Virtual Welcome!

Although I’d love to be with you today, I’m currently in Cambodia working with an NGO to develop their curriculum and teacher expertise.  I’m having a great time, but I hope I can work with you in-person in 2015.

The following links and resources should help support these sessions and perhaps your on-going learning.

Introducing UbD

Half-Day Workshop

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Understanding at Launceston Grammar


Please download this Word Document for the session

Interactive Presentation on Goals and Understanding

Feedback Opportunities

  • Padlet – click to create an anonymous “Sticky Note”
  • Primary Pad – Add text under headings anonymously
  • Email – use the contact form to send an anonymous message
  • Hand-written note – drop it off when you leave the auditorium
  • In-person – share your thoughts after the session

Feedback Points

Part 1 – the Goal

  • “Continuously Optimising Student Learning”
  • “Successful Learners” from the Melbourne Declaration
  • Curriculum as the medium for achievement

Part 2 – “Understanding”

  • Understanding and Transfer build on Knowledge and Skills
  • The Rationale for Backward Design
  • Frameworks that might be better than Understanding by Design?
  • The Purpose of Transfer Goals (and Cornerstone Tasks)

Open Response

Online Chart Tool


Drafting Transfer Goals

The Australian Curriculum




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A Day at Daramalan

Hello Daramalan,

How nice to be back after an absence of many years.  I know we’ll have a great day together.  You can access the Agenda if you like.

Session 1 – Vision Clarification

Activity #1 – Pre-assessments

Polling your Viewpoint

Brainstorming Your Challenges

Now let’s give all staff members a voice:  brainstorm the greatest challenges you face in your job of educating students using EtherPad (this version is PrimaryPad – which we can discuss later). Instructions: click on your assigned link below and enter in words or phrases that describe your greatest challenges.  This is an anonymous activity so please be honest.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3

PrimaryPad‘s combined using

Differentiated Activity:

Look to Learn Immersion

  • Go to this Look to Learn Immersion page and explore some of the links.
  • You only have 30 minutes so you won’t be able to view them all.
  • Be prepared to answer at least questions 1-4, if not #5.
  • If might be helpful to use this Today’sMeet backchannel to share your thinking and what you find that might suit certain courses, subjects or pastoral issues.
  • You can go anywhere on the campus and work with whomever you like on this task.
  • See you back in 30 minutes.
  • If the other group needs more time, here’s an extension challenge for you: “Successful Learners” as Transfer Goals that will take you to morning tea.

Once you’re back with the whole group, please complete this short poll.

Tom’s Interactive Discussion

Colleagues who answered “Not true,” “This isn’t clear to me,” “I see things differently” or are challenged by what Tom refers to as “logistics” will meet for a de-brief.

Session 2 – The Nature of Understanding

Activity #4 – “Understanding” Your Real Job

The Melbourne Declaration’s “Successful Learners” as a Google Doc

The Australian Curriculum

Understanding by Design

Session 3 – The Edge-ucators Way

How do you currently integrate ICTs? – Add your Ideas to this Padlet

Look to Learn





Current Examples

Older Examples

Tom’s WebQuest Resources

Session 4 – Dara’s Path Forward

Dara’s “Wikicademy” Padlet

Possible Follow-up Activities



Resources List

Workshop Feedback

Your feedback means a lot to me so I can get better.  Please complete this short form. Thanks!

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LCGS ICT experiments — what do you know about UbD?

The Web 2 tools Panel – community


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ISV 2 Day Workshop

Day 1

Day 2


Use the poll to below to choose an approximate descriptor of your ICT Use.


Proper Start: Welcome!

Let’s begin by sharing how you currently use ICTs to support student learning.

  1. Use the Comments link on this post to share your practices. Also let us know where and what you teach and anything you think we might be interested in.
  2. Use the “Reply” link next to a colleague’s comment to support, ask for details, share common interests, etc.


What did we just do and what did we need to do it?

  1. A platform
  2. A strategy
  3. A few “cool Web 2 tools”

This is the core of what we will be exploring and developing over the next two days.

Exploring the Preferred Platform

Explore the links below of previous Workshop participants who made sites using

Brainstorm what you think stands out about these sites using Stixy. Review platforms: (and its variants), Edmodo, Moodle, Canvas, etc.

Developing your Platform

If you already have a preferred platform, please have a think about whether to use it or  If you’re game to use WordPress, start with the links below:

WordPress? – Creating your Online Platform

The Edge-ucators’ Way

  • Tom’s Presentation

Strategy #1 – Look to Learn


Background and Resources

Day 1 Wrap-up

Day 2

Work Period

Review & Consolidation

Review & Rationale: Why and how are “Look to Learns” and ICTs good for student learning?  Add as much as you can in our collaborative writing space.

Developing your Cutting Edge-ucation

You now have all the strategies and skills needed to get on with leading your school into the Next Era of Education where we focus on helping individual student achieve their human potential, unfettered by the constraints of Industrial Age schooling.  Use this time to develop your activities, plans and online space to help your school progress.

  • Platform
  • Strategies
  • Tools

Pedagogy Review

With a focus on pedagogy and powerful frameworks I find most powerful for 1:1 personal learning are Self-Determination TheoryCultures of ThinkingHabits of MindFlow TheoryGrit and Authentic Happiness.  These and others have morphed into the model I’ve created below:

C E QA LL / Seek all!

Self-managed Learning Framework for students

Web 2.0 Tools


Class Blogs





Current Examples

Older Examples

Tom’s WebQuest Resources


It would be great if you could complete this Jotform to provide some feedback.

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